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28 Day
Fitness Plan
Fitness does not have to be difficult.  We make it fun and effective.  Each workout only uses exercises that can be modified for every fitness level.  Our Fitness Plans have helped hundreds of people achieve the body they've always dreamed of without boredom, repetition, or injury.  Whether it's in your garage or your living room, we've got you covered. 
28 Day 
Nutrition Plan
Can you stick to a diet for 28 Days?  Most people can.  How about a lifetime?  Our 28 Day Nutrition Plan will teach you everything you need to do to eat healthy and lose weight, but more importantly, keep it off!  It's not a "one size fits all" plan.  It totally customized for you based on what you like to eat, and what works best for your body.
Your Own Coach for 28 Days
Your coach is going to be your best friend for the next 28 Days...maybe.  It depends what you define as a friend.  Nonetheless they will be holding you accountable to your goals, there to help with fitness modifications, recovery, following the nutrition plan, you name it.  They will be your rock.  There for you each step of the challenge.
You and I are going to sit down, dig deep into your goals, and together build the most perfect and customized program that will be exactly what you’ll need to reach them!

And the best part is…

That way if you are not completely blown away by your results after 28 days, We will continue to train you until you are. How awesome is that?

And if that wasn't enough...
Check out our App - Included in the Detox Challenge!!


Train, eat and live better with a community of people just like you.

Results to Prove It...

I don't even know why I waited so long. This was the best choice I have EVER made. I would always put myself down for my weight... Now I am feeling better than ever - and I am not putting myself down any longer. 
Being a mom is the best part of my life. I will do anything for my children. Before I would justify my lack of motivation to get in shape as being, "Too Busy" with the kids. 
Since joining the detox - I am more motivated than ever to get my health under control. I am feeling great and I have WAY more energy for my kids.
I felt like I was stuck. I kept working out. I would do the exercises and diets that I found on Pinterst. I could never seem to get a more defined body. 
My coach helped me push past this plateau and finally get the cuts I have been trying to get for years. So thankful for their encouragement and expertise.
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